Facilities and services available at Old Yeavering Bed & Breakfast

Baggage Transfer and Taxi services

Subject to availability and prior arrangement there is a baggage transfer service for those who are completing the long distance St. Cuthbert’s Walk and therefore have no transport to hand.
A local Taxi service is available for transport into the nearby town of Wooler which is 3 miles to the South.

Guided Walks

Guided Walks are available locally via Walk Norhumbria but are popular so it is advisable to book early. The number to ring is 01668 216 439 or you can visit their website for more information. There are also popular walks available from www.shepherdswalks.co.uk.

Bike Lock-up

A locked garage is available for the storage of bikes.

Internet and mobile phone signals

There is signal for some services. Vodafone has the best coverage locally. “I”phones have very low coverage at Old Yeavering and varying coverage locally. A Met office weather forecast will be available daily. Internet facilities are available in Wooler.

Clothes and Boot Drying

The above can be dried on request for a small charge.


Well behaved dogs are welcome. HOWEVER they must not be brought into the house at any time and therefore must sleep in their owner’s car. The two resident Bedlington Terriers take a dim view of any other dog in the cottage but would love to meet them under supervision, outside.

PLEASE NOTE. Dogs are permitted in the National Park and on the Hills but please remember that they must be kept on a lead at all times and kept to the paths. It is very easy to disturb nesting birds, other wild life and sheep.

Bedlington terrier snowGoats on Yeavering BellBedlingotn Terrier field